Hi Everyone!!!
I want to thank you all for your patience. It was not easy determining the future of my little shop when we closed cold turkey and were told it would only be two weeks. So much has happened I cant wait for us to catch up!
But first, a few things.
Due to the constant revisions to our operative procedures topped with a family emergency, I am making the finishing touches to the shop!  There are a few things that will be changing, but I like to think all of this is for the better and look forward to our beauty treatment experience together!
The highlights of my days are servicing some of my favorite people who I have been blessed to call friends.
With that, I hope you will understand that its just something I will have to follow primarily for you safety and because …I love my job and want to keep it :)
Pease know I have completed additional disinfection and COVID- training to ensure salon and service provider safety.
With price increases to compensate for the lack of work created by COVID-19 and disinfection procedures in place, rest assured that I have made budget conscious options by separating all services. No longer are hair cuts and blow drys included in regular services 1) because of the time constraint per client and 2) BC we are to minimize air blowing service operations. Likewise, I can no longer double book clients so now each appointment is only allowed one at a time. Please no visitors or children as it is not permitted.
NO WAITING AREA-I am not allowed to have a waiting areas so  clients need to wait in their car until their chair has been properly vacated and disinfected.
You may call or text me when you’re in the lot and I will let you know when you can come in. Most of the time I’ll have the door locked so if its open, come on in!!
Before I go over guidelines, I will say I can guarantee quality product, service and safety standards. However, I also DO understand that the new guidelines may cause a decrease in my appointments and completely understand if you have to go elsewhere. I still and will always love you. 
The Guidelines posed by the state and county are effective until further notice. If I do not oversee this in the shop or with my clients, this may result in large fines for my business or my license being revoked. I appreciate your understanding!
1) MASKS ARE MANDATORY. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please provide your own mask. I will have a limited amount for purchase in the event you do not have one.
2) TEMPERATURES- Please ensure you do not have a temperature  above the normal (98.6) prior to coming otherwise I will have to reschedule your appt. for 2 weeks (Board Mandate.) NO EXCEPTIONS.
If you, or I are experiencing any of the questionable symptoms of COVID-19, I am not allowed to preform services and will notify you immediately so we may reschedule.
3) PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME- Services have new scheduling for disinfection purposes. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appt will be cancelled and rescheduled. 
Please feel free to call or text if the door is closed and I will open.
5) SALON TIMES HAVE CHANGED TEMPORARILY. This will be in effect until regulations simmer down.
6) ONLY SERVICING 3 CLIENTS PER DAY. To adhere to social distancing and the thorough  cleaning and disinfecting in between clients, I have to limit the amount of clients during the day. I will consider increasing as the weeks go on. Please book accordingly keeping this in mind. If the date and time you want is not available, please book another day.
7) NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED.  I have to remove all refreshments from the studio and clients are not allowed to have open beverages in front of them. (I know …I know)
Cancellations are subject to fees so please book carefully.
I know this is demanding but believe me, I have worked extremely hard to ensure a safe,  peaceful and more modernized experience.
I am professionally licensed by the State Board of California and know how to minimize the spread of infectious diseases. We will make this work!
I am excited to see all your faces again and be back in my favorite space doing what I love.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at yotabatsaras@outlook.com
Also, Please do sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already I am excited to tell you all the things I have been working on for you!
P.S. Booking goes live today on www.yotabatsaras.com
See you soon!! Xo!